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The G-200 Module is the World's first Cell-ID Module and also the World's smallest fully integrated Cellular Module

Cell-ID Modules
are cellular modules that allow device registration on cellular networks.
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Cell-ID Modules
power location devices that have thousands of possible applications.
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Cell-ID Modules
connect to GSM cellular networks to determine location worldwide.
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GeoTraq invented the Cell-ID Module to enable a new generation of wireless location devices that are extremely small and consume very little power. learn more

The Cell-ID Market is Exploding!

The worldwide market for tracking, location and theft recovery devices is exploding. There are hundreds of potential markets and thousands of possible applications for Cell-ID technology. No other technology can offer the small size and multi-year battery life required to operate a location device over long periods of time.

The benefits of Cell-ID over existing location technology are apparent when you require a very small location device to operate for years on a low capacity battery. Cell-ID offers the largest service area, longest battery life, smallest size and lowest cost of any available tracking, location or theft recovery technology.

G-200 Cell-ID Module
2G Cell-ID Module 2G Quad-Band Transceiver
G-300 Cell-ID Module
3G Cell-ID Module 3G Quad-Band Transceiver
SIM Card Holder Micro or Mini