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GeoTraq G-200GeoTraq provides you a simple, intelligent cellular module, smaller than a penny, with global connectivity in 193 counties, and upwards of a 10 year battery life, for under $20 a year.

6 out of 10 IoT projects fail.

Cisco attributes this to their inability to solve real business problems, and truly create viable efficiency.

The South African police force finds that many guns end up in the hands of war lords, with no current solution to track and recover lost or stolen property. GeoTraq provides the only viable solution small enough to fit in the hand grips, with global coverage, at a price that makes real business sense.

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Creating real ROI is critical.

Especially for one of the largest industries on the planet, with the greatest tracking needs, responsible for 90% of everything we purchase.

Global freight shippers lose, on average, 2-3% of total cargo to loss or theft annually. While tracking solutions are available, they are bulky, easily identified and come with costly recovery logistics. GeoTraq’s global solution, with Tier-1 coverage everywhere cellular networks exist, is small enough to be undetectable and cheap enough to be disposable at the end of the supply chain, creating real ROI.

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GeoTraq NB-400 G-200 and NB-400 module options come with global cellular service included, at a price that can be disposable if necessary. All GeoTraq modules come with the most secure data delivery, and speeds 7x faster than SMS, using the most advanced GSM standards in NIDD non-IP communication layers.
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GeoTraq Go Puck Truly plug and play, GeoTraq modules require no soldering, no boards, and can connect a current device in less than 5 minutes. Simply attach a GeoTraq module to an antenna, battery, and sensor if desired, then activate your global cellular service through our WebTraq Platform.

The average IoT deployment today takes 12 months, 10 vendors, and several complex technology components.

When Go Puck had a desire to create intelligent battery packs for their customers; small, simple, quick and easy were among the top priorities. In 5 minutes or less, GeoTraq turned their battery packs into smart, globally connected devices.

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Our Core Features

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Low Cost

Inexpensive enough to be disposable.

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Long Battery Life

Up to a ten year battery life cycle.

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Small Form Factor

Fits anywhere a penny does.

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Global Coverage

Gain Tier-1 global coverage.

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