Agriculture Challenge

Because agriculture uses the most water out of any industry, improper irrigation and drainage is a recurring problem. Oversaturation of farmland can wick sodium, calcium, and magnesium from the soil and water to the surface. If left unattended, this process steadily concentrates salt in the root zone, which decreases productivity for crops that are not salt-tolerant. Soil management requires the ability to identify areas with drainage issues to avoid salinity problems
and waterlog.

Farmers are also being asked to increase production without harming the environment. To avoid the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides, they need a way to monitor application and mitigate excess chemical residue and runoff. By only spraying the minimum amount required for plants remain strong, ensures the final product remains healthy for human consumption.

Learn how GeoTraq’s GeoTraq’s Mobile IoT modules transmit data on a schedule or as trigger-based events. The modules event-driven architecture has customizable programming options to generate hourly, daily, or weekly reports on location or environmental conditions. Attached to the appropriate sensor, GeoTraq powered IoT devices installed across many acres can be used to alert farm managers to changes in pH levels, moisture content, or salinity of the soil.

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