Beer Distribution Challenge

Beer is a product that demands constant oversight throughout every phase of its distribution—from climate control to weight tracking. But, while industry oversight does exist to ensure proper management of beer within the supply chain, empty kegs remain generally unaccounted for.

Once brewed, beer is kegged for distribution. The average cost of each keg is a nominal $150, however each year, more than 300,000 kegs are reported missing, incurring costs of more than $50M for brewers annually. Further, even more cost is accrued in the form of spilled or tainted beer that comes as the result of mishandling or damage to kegs.

Learn how GeoTraq’s Mobile IoT technology can be used to promote accountability by affordably tracking and monitoring kegs on a global scale. Brewers can receive scheduled updates from modules as kegs move throughout the world, enabling them to monitor the whereabouts of kegs in route to and from distribution hubs—all with minimal latency.

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