Water Control Challenge

Deteriorating infrastructure is a widely known problem across the US and water pipelines are no exception. Most municipal water management systems use a DCS (distributed control system) to detect failures at critical points within the system. Nonetheless, over two trillion gallons of drinking water is wasted every year from about 240,000 water main breaks that occur all over the United States.

Smart cities, municipalities, and water utility companies need a better way to be alerted to leaks, main breakages and other failures within water distribution systems. The solution must identify where the issue occurred with the means to alert the appropriate staff promptly. Without knowing the exact location of the issue, the amount of water loss increases.

Reducing the amount of water loss in mega cities could provide drinking water for as many as 10-20 million additional urban dwellers each year.

Learn how GeoTraq’s Mobile IoT modules are ideal for monitoring pressure and flow of water, to provide advanced warning of issues such as leakage. Our Sensor-Modules are designed for easy attachment of external sensors to monitor pressure, flow, and water levels.

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