CIO Applications Names GeoTraq “Top 10 Remote Monitoring Solution Providers – 2019”

August 27, 2019

GeoTraq Inc., a subsidiary of Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARCI), announced today that GeoTraq has been recognized as one among the elite group of companies that are featured in the Remote Monitoring special edition of CIO Applications magazine.


“We are glad to announce GeoTraq has made it on the cover for the annual ranking list of Top 10 Remote Monitoring Solution Providers – 2019,” said Joe Phillip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications. “This recognition is a testament to GeoTraq’s value proposition: results-driven solutions for simple IoT applications.”

The publication has selected GeoTraq based on its simplified approach to industry challenges and commitment to enterprise-level IoT solutions that yield certain competitive advantages. “We are honored to be selected by CIO Applications as one of the Top 10 Remote Monitoring Solutions Providers of 2019,” said Pierre Parent, GM and CTO at GeoTraq Inc. “We believe our simplified approach is very appealing to enterprises that desire digital transformation and data-enabled operations. The ability to track system health and respond with proactive maintenance is crucial to avoiding downtime.”

One of the best features of GeoTraq’s modules is the flexible and customizable nature of data delivery. Clients can schedule reports at intervals that best fit their needs (weekly, monthly, or daily) or receive instant alerts for trigger-based events. Trigger points are based on conditions, patterns, or readings from sensors, and the modules are intelligently designed to send only relevant information as opposed to tons of unnecessary data.

GeoTraq’s Mobile IoT modules use the latest in NB-IoT and LTE-M low power wide area technology to provide asset tracking and remote monitoring solutions. The company credits the increasing availability of Mobile IoT networks around the world as a driving force behind innovation and adoption of IoT solutions. To fully realize the opportunities that Mobile IoT presents, GeoTraq places its highest values on simplicity and reduced power consumption.

As Associate members of the GSMA, the company seeks to align product development with global standards for safety, reliability, and interoperability. GeoTraq views their Mobile IoT modules as a straightforward solution to bring condition-based monitoring support to essential industries in a plethora of vertical markets. In a sea of complex IoT solutions, GeoTraq continues to reinforce the idea of simple IoT for results-driven solutions that provide the right data at the right time.

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About GeoTraq

GeoTraq is a Mobile IoT module manufacturer and connectivity provider. GeoTraq offers asset tracking and remote monitoring through Mobile IoT modules with global connectivity as a service. The modules are penny-sized, with a plug and play form factor for easy attachment of antenna, battery and desired sensors. GeoTraq technology is designed to streamline business processes and increase operational efficiency to drive ROI and solve real business challenges. For more information, visit


About ARCA

ARCA and subsidiaries are in the business of recycling major household appliances in North America by providing turnkey appliance recycling and replacement services for utilities and other sponsors of energy efficiency programs. In addition, through GeoTraq, ARCA is engaged in the development, design and ultimately, ARCA expects, the sale of Mobile IoT modules.


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