Simple Plug &
Play Design

Integrated modules with embedded connectors, for quick, easy attachment of components, such as antenna, battery, and sensors.


Antennas are a critical component of a functional IoT device and need to be selected carefully to ensure maximum performance.

GeoTraq modules work best with high performance antennas that can maintain reliable performance under weak-signal conditions.

Antennas are available in multiple styles and offer a range of benefits. From printed circuit board (PCB) to whip and prefabricated chip antennas; complexity, performance and reproducibility will vary. The most appropriate antenna for individual IoT device projects will be determined during the design process with respect to achieving target specifications. Antenna specifications are not a guarantee of performance and it is always recommended to test different antennas in real life conditions.

Our suppliers have worked on thousands of devices and have experience in international markets, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Through cooperation with leading certified testing labs, their familiarity with wireless device approvals and test methods will help get your product through certification as quickly as possible.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range

NB-400 Low-bands
NB-400 High-bands
Characteristic Impedance
50 Ohm
Compatible with IPEX (IPX) MHF4 Low profile 1.2mm max. Mating Height
Antenna Type
Rigid board or flex circuit compatible
Components Batteries


The expected lifecycle of your mobile IoT device needs to be considered when selecting the proper battery.

GeoTraq modules are plug and play, built for compatibility with most any 3 Volt battery sources.

GeoTraq mobile IoT modules enhance the capability of Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) resting in a deep sleep state +99% of the time, waking only for scheduled or trigger-based event. This conserves battery power and extends battery life for the battery you chose for your device.

Our module can support and increase the efficiency of any kind of lithium polymer battery.

Typical devices maintain an “always-on”, near constant, connection with the network which causes a significant drain on the battery. The store and forward architecture of our module saves a great deal of battery life. Our device only wakes up to connect to the network at pre-scheduled intervals, or when it receives critical triggers from sensor inputs.

Since our module is in a deep sleep most of the time, batteries can last for years at a time. There are many options available in various shapes that can be customized to fit the almost device enclosure. The capacity rating of the battery chosen will depend on the number of wake-up cycles necessary for the targeted specifications of the end device.

Components Sensors


Sensors provide remote visibility to monitor the status of assets, inventory or equipment.

GeoTraq sensors provide remote visibility to monitor the status of assets, inventory or equipment.

GeoTraq sensors combine with software and connectivity to provide IoT devices remote visibility for monitoring the status of mechanical, electrical, environmental or even human processes.

Not every sensor is made the same, and every IoT device requires a specific type of sensor. Available for a limitless number of applications, multiple sensors can be combined to provide unique data for actionable insights. Practical in nearly any type of environment, sensors are available to monitor temperature, proximity, pressure, water quality, chemical concentrations and more