Remotely Monitor Assets with Simple IoT

Mobile IoT modules designed for sensor integration

The new GeoTraq Sensor-Module GT-SM100 offers the fastest, most secure, and efficient NB-IoT/LTE-M connectivity for Remote Monitoring. The Sensor-Modules include an eSIM and connectors for easy attachment of antenna, battery, and sensors. At the ultra-small size of only 20mm x 12mm; it can allow almost any machine, tool or device to be connected to the Internet of Things.

GeoTraq Sensor-Modules connect external sensors to measure variables such as temperature, flow, pressure, humidity, motion, acceleration and more. The Sensor-Module GT-SM100 operates by transmitting small packets of data for scheduled reports or trigger-based event alerts which can be set up using our WebTraq™ portal. The sensor data gathered can be integrated into the IoT platform of your choice for visualization.

What makes the GeoTraq Mobile IoT Sensor-Module unique?

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Built to Last

The GeoTraq™ module is designed to make any battery last longer. It’s unique power saving mode adds years to the service life-cycle when compared to other cellular modules.

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World’s Smallest Mobile IoT Module

The tiny form factor allows wireless connectivity to be added to almost any item.

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Plug & Play

No additional soldering or mounting to a circuit board is required. Attach antenna, battery, and desired sensors to create an IoT device.

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Mobile Connectivity

Unlike many short-range wireless technologies, GeoTraq™ modules use NB-IoT and LTE-M technology to provide long range connectivity.

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Intelligent Design

Thanks to our flexible modular infrastructure, where other wireless technologies need additional equipment to connect devices, none are needed with the GeoTraq™ module.

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Low Cost Winner

Offering the lowest total cost of ownership. Between low upfront deployments costs in addition to lower maintenance costs overall, GeoTraq™ customers can expect to maximize return on assets.

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