Solving Real Problems with Intelligent Connectivity

Porta Potty
GeoTraq Sensor-Module GeoTraq Mobile IoT Modules use scheduled and trigger-based alerts to solve real business problems. Size, connectivity and cost are problems that GeoTraq technology answers.


A national porta potty company needed to track 200,000 assets to monitor inventory and optimize labor for maintenance services.


GeoTraq Mobile IoT Modules use existing cellular infrastructure to provide a solution that didn’t previously exist. Equipped with a 10+ year supply of battery life, GeoTraq modules support remote monitoring and transmission of sensor data to locate assets and efficiently communicate their service needs.

Optimize Your Business with IoT

man leaving porta-potty
GeoTraq G-200 layeredGeoTraq plug and play modules require no soldering, no boards, and provide both power, and connectivity, beyond the edge of other networks. Simply attach a GeoTraq module to an antenna, battery, and sensor if desired, then activate your cellular service through our WebTraq Platform.
GeoTraq Mobile IoT Modules are small enough to fit into a handgrip or rifle, as well as other products to report location and sensor data. The unique design allows for easy attachment of antenna, battery and sensors, creating the opportunity to connect “things” in ways never possible.

IoT for Gun Control

Real Problems Require Real Solutions.

The South African police force found many of their guns ending up in the hands of warlords, with no solution to track or recover the lost and stolen property. GeoTraq modules are the only solution small enough to fit in the handgrips and provide global coverage at a price that makes real business sense.

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