Using Intelligence to Solve Real Problems

Porta Potty
GeoTraq NB-200 G-200 and NB-400 module options come with global cellular service included, at a price that can be disposable if necessary. All GeoTraq modules come with the most secure data delivery, and speeds 7x faster than SMS, using the most advanced GSM standards in NIDD non-IP communication layers.


A national porta potty company wanted to track their 200,000 porta potties nationwide for asset protection, as well as labor optimization when servicing those assets.


The GeoTraq module, with its inherent power supply on a ten+ year battery life, ubiquitous coverage where ever cellular networks exist, and ability to acquire sensor data communicating accurate service needs, provided them a solution that didn’t previously exist.

Optimize Your Business with IoT

man leaving porta-potty
GeoTraq G-200 layeredGeoTraq plug and play modules require no soldering, no boards, and provide both power, and connectivity, beyond the edge of other networks. Simply attach a GeoTraq module to an antenna, battery, and sensor if desired, then activate your global cellular service through our WebTraq Platform.
Under $20 year/module including service Your most valuable assets deserve to be protected. G-200 and NB-400 module options come at a price that can be placed in multiple locations, easily deployed at scale, and covered globally in 193 countries.

By simply adding intelligence to everyday objects, powerful results can be yielded.

Companies around the world are transforming their businesses, and improving their bottom line, by leveraging GeoTraq cellular IoT solutions to solve for real world problems. We’ve identified the following activity patterns to be common across multiple industries, and addressed through GeoTraq’s technology.

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