IoT for Asset Management

Mobile IoT Asset Management Eases Logistics and Generates ROI

Asset Tracking
GeoTraq Tracker-ModuleGeoTraq provides you a simple, intelligent Mobile IoT Module with connectivity to provide location and sensor data with up to 10-years of battery life.


assets will be tracked by 2022. Without effective IoT solutions, losses of those assets will top $1B+

IoT Asset Management Crosses all Verticals

Lost assets cost money, and lots of it. On top of that, they are also costly in terms of time, labor, and even credibility. And the problem crosses all sectors, from overseas medical device manufacturers to local and national furniture retailers, who lose upwards of $5 million annually during overland shipments.

GeoTraq Mobile IoT Modules for Asset Tracking Go Anywhere, and Track Anything

Vehicles, parts, boxes, pallets, people, equipment, furniture, you name it, and GeoTraq Mobile IoT modules can track it globally and affordably. Our penny-sized Tracker-Modules can report location data as well as sensor information using NB-IoT and LTE-M technology.

Flexible, Fast, and Secure IoT Asset Management Modules

Our patented technology intelligently transmits small packets of data at scheduled times or for trigger-based events – such as your asset entering or leaving a geofence, or dangerous temperatures thresholds. Almost any type of sensor can be attached to our modules, bringing unapparelled flexibility to the implementation of asset tracking solutions.

The global costs of lost assets are staggering – but an IoT asset tracking solution needn’t be. GeoTraq IoT modules for asset tracking power solutions you can rely on for security and speed, at a cost that can drive true ROI across the supply chain.