IoT for Cold Chain

Prevent Spoilage
with IoT-powered
Smart Cold Chain Solutions

GeoTraq G-200GeoTraq provides you a simple, intelligent cellular module, smaller than a penny, with global connectivity in 193 counties, and upwards of a 10 year battery life, for under $20 a year.


of dollars’ worth of pharmaceutical products are stored and shipped at improper temperatures or are delayed in route, causing them to reach their destinations past their shelf lives.

Cold Chain Management Poses Unique Problems

Whether you’re shipping food or pharmaceuticals, common problems exist throughout the cold chain. Appropriate temperatures must be constantly maintained, and storage conditions properly documented. For pharmaceuticals, which are often high-value assets, proper custodianship must also be maintained to prevent both loss and counterfeiting.


GeoTraq IoT Modules Enable Smart Cold Chain Management

The unique challenges of cold chain management, including regulatory requirements, can be adequately addressed through solutions enabled by GeoTraq’s IoT modules for Cold Chain Management.  Coming in at under $20 per year, per module, with included Tier-1 global connectivity in over 193 countries, GeoTraq provides a suite of IoT modules (G-200 and NB-400) that fill critical coverage gaps in supply chain and logistics. With their truly plug-and-play approach you can have a connected device in under 5 minutes by simply attaching a battery, antenna, and desired sensors – be they for temperature monitoring, location tracking, or what have you — to the Cell-ID module.

In a highly simplified, intelligent approach you receive only the data you need, right when you need it. You can receive status updates at scheduled times, or create customized trigger events to take further advantage of your sensors and keep you apprised of critical information in real time. You can know, for example, when a container temperature exceeds pre-set thresholds, helping to prevent spoilage and loss.  Or by creating geofences, you can know when high-value assets have left a predefined area or route, or have arrived at their destination.


IoT Modules Make Cold Chain Management Smart

Solutions powered by GeoTraq IoT modules for cold chain management means your temperature-controlled supply chain can now easily handle stringent demands, documentation and product safety requirements, asset protection, and much more. GeoTraq IoT modules offer upwards of a ten-year battery life, one of the best power consumption capabilities available on the market for supply- and cold-chain management devices.  Transporting small payloads of 182 characters across trusted technologies, while utilizing NIDD GSM standard, non-IP, point-to-point communication layers creates speeds 7x faster than SMS, and security much higher than traditional cellular IP data transmission. Combined with a small form factor — smaller than a penny — you have an unbeatable solution for Smart Cold Chain management, without the coverage gaps or complexity issues that prevent real, affordable scalability.

Smart Cold Chain Management: Hard Work Made Simple

GeoTraq is committed to making business simple again, across your entire global, often complex, supply chains. We help customers improve their business through intelligent technology in ways and in locations that have previously been logistically impossible or financially infeasible. We have a unique ability to use existing resources in innovative ways bringing real value to unexpected people and places – and we’re committed to help you realize true value in your Smart Cold Chain Management.