IoT for Smart Construction

IoT Solutions Save Construction Time, Money, and Resources

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GeoTraq G-200GeoTraq provides you a simple, intelligent cellular module, smaller than a penny, with global connectivity in 193 counties, and upwards of a 10 year battery life.


worth of construction equipment is stolen each year

IoT solutions hold the potential of turning any construction project into Smart Construction.

But that potential can only be realized if your IoT modules are flexible, long-lived, cost-effective, and capable of communication from any job site.

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Our IoT modules create Smart Construction – and smart equipment owners, too.

As part of an integrated IoT solution, equipment owners can schedule preventive maintenance, determine optimal operating procedures, monitor engine load and fluid temperatures and levels, reduce fuel costs, prevent theft and misuse of equipment, and more. Construction companies can optimize labor, reduce truck rolls, track high-value assets, reduce the cost of resources, and cut project times. It all adds to the bottom line – and it’s also easy to accomplish, owing to the wide varieties of sensors that can quickly be deployed using our modules’ plug-and-play functionality.

Our IoT modules have connectivity almost anywhere in the world – and astounding battery life that keeps them connecting.

Our NB-400 and G-200 IoT modules can automatically make use of the cellular network in over 193 countries worldwide – and do it for one low price, regardless of where your IoT solution is deployed. And our optimized approach to power consumption also creates solutions with up to 10 years in battery life, so your Smart Construction project stays connected and operational even in remote locations where IoT solutions were not previously feasible.

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Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars of construction equipment is lost to theft – and countless millions of dollars to jobsite inefficiencies.

Our IoT modules power solutions that not only make your construction smart, but also secure. The ability to keep track of everything from tools to major equipment improves efficiency, worksite safety, and bottom lines.  Knowing where things are keeps the jobsite moving and the equipment on site, especially in remote locations – and dramatically increases recovery rates of stolen assets far beyond the current industry norm of less than 25% recovery.

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Smart Construction requires smart management. Our IoT modules can help make that happen – and drive ROI as a result.

In construction, where margins are tight and profits can be wiped out if resources are not properly managed, optimization is critical.  At GeoTraq, IoT modules that are smaller than a penny can track and monitor assets worth millions, from high value tools and copper wires to heavy equipment, for an annual TCO of less than twenty dollars per module. And because our IoT modules are so inexpensive, and so easy to configure and deploy, they can make managing all assets of a Smart Construction project easier – and ROI on their deployment easy to achieve.


of stolen construction equipment is recovered each year.

Our IoT modules make Smart Construction make sense.

GeoTraq IoT modules have simplicity at their core. By eliminating the unnecessary, and leveraging technology infrastructure already available, we have been able to deliver connected solutions in a way that brings connectivity and intelligence to places where it was never before possible, at a price that’s financially feasible at scale. At GeoTraq, we’re helping put the “smart” into Smart Construction.

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