IoT for Smart Energy

Smart Energy Solutions Powered by Smart IoT Modules

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GeoTraq NB-200 2G and NB-200 module options come with global cellular service included, at a price that can be disposable if necessary. All GeoTraq modules come with the most secure data delivery, and speeds 7x faster than SMS, using the most advanced GSM standards in NIDD non-IP communication layers.

850 GWh

850 GWh of energy are stolen annually. That’s enough power to supply 77,000 homes for a year and amounts to approximately $100 million a year in lost energy. Smart Energy IoT solutions can help minimize that loss.

Smart Energy IoT solutions can reduce demand, eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and save money.

The energy sector struggles with power generation, transmission, distribution, risk and theft protection, as well as monitoring (or demand response) at the consumer/user end. The industry also needs to monitor and improve water consumption, water safety, and planetary impacts of energy, such as emissions. Smart Energy solutions powered by GeoTraq IoT modules can make that happen.

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Smart Energy Needs to Solve a Wide Array of Problems Simultaneously

The energy industry needs to reduce demand, save money, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency, all at once.  It also needs to reduce risk, theft, and loss, while also increasing stability, reliability, and the bottom line for consumers, commerce, cities, and themselves.

GeoTraq IoT modules power Smart Energy solutions that solve problems

GeoTraq, through an intelligent use of trusted technologies, solves for any real energy industry business problems where real-time data tracking is NOT required. Operating with a Cellular Power Saving Mode (Cellular-PSM) approach, GeoTraq cellular modules can transmit small data payloads to and from 193 countries around the world on the GSM network. Ideal for the energy sector, data is transmitted based on scheduled or trigger events, such as a rise in pressure, temperature, or consumption.

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GeoTraq IoT modules make Smart Energy solutions simple

With simplicity at its core, GeoTraq solutions are delivered in a true plug and play model, requiring no soldering or traditional boards.  Simply attach a battery, antenna, and sensor, if desired, and in 5 minutes or less you have a connected device small enough to fit in tight spaces, transmitting data in places previously considered impossible – and help to solve hard energy problems.

Leveraging existing network infrastructure to best serve the needs of IoT solutions, GeoTraq has created the most cost-competitive communications solution on the planet by giving you scale, ubiquity, and reliability.


of value can be captured in the electricity value chain from 2016 to 2025 globally through IoT.

Our Smart Energy IoT modules are both secure and long-lasting

In the energy industry, where reliability, speed, and security are paramount, GeoTraq’s solutions outpace competitors on every level.  Using GSM standard NIDD, point to point, non-IP global communication layers, data is delivered on the most secure networks available today, at speeds 7x faster than IP based communication. Our patent-pending technology optimizes power consumption, giving you 10+ years of battery life so you can optimize business processes, labor, energy, and your bottom line.

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GeoTraq IoT Modules Work Everywhere Smart Energy is Needed

Our IoT modules can be used in smart home devices, power grid hardware, water treatment facilities, power plants, and more. They can be used by solutions providers and smart cities seeking to reduce power consumption and to increase energy security in their neighborhoods. Regardless of your approach to Smart Energy, GeoTraq provides the most cost-competitive communications on the planet.  With simple approaches to intelligent technology, and common-sense business approaches, GeoTraq delivers on the promise of building better Smart Energy solutions.

Whether you are managing buildings, meters, or energy directly, GeoTraq’s suite of G-200 and NB-400 products enable powerful solutions for the most crucial problems in today’s diverse Smart Energy industry.  Real networks with real coverage are at the heart of our value, and we give you the largest global cellular footprint on the planet in some of the smallest and most capable IoT devices on the planet. It’s an approach you can scale, and at a cost that makes financial sense.

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