IoT for Military and Police

When Security is Critical, IoT is the Smart Solution

Gun Case


guns go missing or are stolen every year – and that’s just in the U.S.

But it’s a problem that’s also global in nature.

With hundreds of thousands of incidents occurring worldwide, the black market in small arms trafficking is a $1 billion-a-year global business.

Some 500,000 people are killed each year by the 639 million small arms in circulation, and in some conflicts, up to 80 percent of casualties are caused by these weapons.


Stealing guns isn’t new, IoT solutions are.

IoT can reduce costs and increase efficiencies from operational processes to labor optimization. But unlike most other sectors, the military, law enforcement, and security industry can leverage IoT modules for firearms to save lives as well as improve accountability and performance.

IoT Modules for the Military and Police provide simple Firearm Tracking

For a problem with such far-reaching consequences, IoT solutions for the military and police can be extraordinarily simple. By placing Tracker-Modules and Sensor-Modules into the grips of guns, agencies and companies can easily track weapons and thus save both money and lives.

Imagine the enhanced accountability that is created with the ability to know the time, date and location each time a weapon is drawn, or shots fired. This can be especially valuable for the police and military in developing nations, where the price of a gun can top a month’s salary.

Machine guns

people are killed each year by the 639 million small arms in circulation.

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GeoTraq IoT modules provide needed capabilities for Firearm Security

Beyond simple tracking, GeoTraq Mobile IoT modules for the military and police can also provide additional layers of firearm security and critical logistics insight. Event-based notifications can be provided based on a variety of scenarios and conditions, including trigger pulls, or a firearm leaving a geofenced area. With a battery life of 10+ years, small size and plug and play form factor, GeoTraq Mobile IoT modules are ideally suited for use in a wide range of military and police IoT applications.

A human life is priceless – but that doesn’t mean IoT solutions for the military and police need to be expensive.

GeoTraq Mobile IoT modules for military and police are potential life-savers. Not only are our modules inexpensive, but they are also easy to use, simple to install and can often be connected in five minutes or less, which means implementation costs to strained agency budgets are kept affordable.