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Our customers tell us every day that they don’t need to know every piece of data about the “door” 24/7, they want to know when the door opened, or closed, when the bank vault was accessed, when the temperature rose or fell, the moisture increased, or decreased, when an item left a geofence.

They want the right data at the right time to make intelligent business decisions, respond rapidly, and create real ROI.

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Businesses deserve something better.

We exist to make business simpler, and bottom lines better. When Gregg Sullivan looked at the current landscape of technology solutions for IoT he saw a bevy of elements that didn’t appear necessary. He saw people selling technology, rather than solving the real business problems. Unattached to the technology, he leveraged available Tier-1 networks, reduced unnecessary components, and created an intelligent, simple design that resulted in the smallest module on the planet, with all the features necessary to create big ROIs.

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G-200 GeoTraq modules are intelligently designed with simplicity at its core. Optimized for IoT applications, GeoTraq strips away 70% of the standard cellular module, leaving only what you need. We provide you the right data, at the right time, for a price that creates a REAL ROI, and can easily be deployed at scale.


Finally, hardware meets a truly global network.

We saw that there are healthy global networks that exist today that were not being leveraged effectively. We saw that as an opportunity and designed technology that would simplify current solutions, creating a lower cost option, with truly global coverage and 10+ years of battery life for those with power supply needs.


Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

We design simplified, intelligent hardware leveraging Tier-1 coverage everywhere GSM cellular networks exist. We supply you with the smallest module on the planet, the largest global network of partners to design your device, the data you can view in your legacy software platform, or one of your choice, and the global Tier-1 cellular coverage you need across 193 countries.

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