Device Anatomy

Smart. Simple.
Small Design.

An intelligent design that works.

Through simple design, and intelligent technology, GeoTraq minimizes power consumption, form factor, and data at a price you can afford to scale.


Our module supports any type of lithium-polymer battery, making it last longer with our proprietary design.


Our module has a built-in eSIM – MFF2 chipset.


Designed with a plug and play form factor, the GeoTraq module fits inside an IoT device, with easy attachment for a variety of components to create the IoT solution that is best for your business.


Our module can connect to most any type of sensors using the SIOC port.


Our module works with any type of antenna using IPEX (IPX) MHF4 connection.


Our module is so tiny it can fit in most shape and size. Demo kits can come in multiple sizes and shapes.

GeoTraq modules are plug and play for easy integration into new or existing products.

Less Time & Lower Cost

In five minutes or less you can have a connected device with a GeoTraq module drastically reducing your time and cost to deployment. Simply attach an antenna, battery, and if desired, your required sensor. Visit to activate your service.