Global Network Coverage

Available in 193 Countries

Building smart, simple IoT solutions, that empower global connectivity.

GeoTraq’s connectivity platform gives you seamless global coverage in 193 countries, across 600+ networks.

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Stop collecting unnecessary data.

Report only what you need to know.

Most cellular IoT connections use (IP) Internet Protocol networks that are constantly communicating with the cell tower. This quickly uses up precious battery life and sends a high volume of data that provides little value. Our smart modules transmit only for scheduled reports or trigger-based events. Why store all that data chatter if it doesn’t provide value to your IoT needs?

Engine block

Responsive wireless connection that does not require data.

GeoTraq provides Tier-1 global connectivity over the NIDD channel on the GSM network. NIDD provides the best solution for customers who need an IoT solution that transmits small payloads of data delivered in secure environments across long, often global, ranges. NIDD protocols can exchange two-way, 182-byte packages of data while using less power than cellular roaming. NIDD’s efficiency of direct session communication without going to a data channel cuts power consumption by at least half.

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