Non-IP Data Delivery

When Connectivity is King, NIDD is the Answer

With GeoTraq you get Tier-1 global connectivity using Non-IP Data Delivery.

NIDD (Non-IP Data Delivery) provides the best solution for customers who need an IoT solution that transmits small payloads of data, delivered in secure environments across long, often global, ranges. Especially solutions they can rely on, with a real ROI to their business.

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NIDD is the most secure option for IoT applications. It is point-to-point communication. Removing the device-to-cloud component of IoT removes the security threats common to the internet such as botnets, DDos attacks, etc.



Through one direct gateway at GeoTraq you get global, reliable, Tier-1 connectivity for all your IoT devices. This simplifies your experience by removing the requirement for you to build or manage carrier or roaming agreements that add complexity and cost to IoT solutions. GeoTraq is one simple access point to Tier-1 global coverage.


Think of NIDD as a network within all cellular networks, and an internet of things without the internet. NIDD is the same reliability you can count on in your cell phone. It’s used for things like Amber alerts, tsunami notifications, and transferring bank data, as an example. You get the reliability of Tier-1 cellular network coverage at a better price, and lower power usage.

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Low Power
High Speed

NIDD protocols can exchange two-way, 182-byte packages of data while using less power than cellular roaming. NIDD’s efficiency of direct session communication without going to a data channel cuts power consumption by at least half. NIDD is also FAST, with latency that can be measured in the milliseconds in some cases, 7x faster than SMS.

Non-IP Delivery