WHAT ARE . . .

Trigger-based Events?


An alert only when conditions are met that require attention

  • A prize horse is missing
  • A propane tank is empty
  • A water leak in an underground pipe
  • A refrigeration unit has changed temperature

Rather than continually stream data from an IoT device 24 hours a day to confirm that a frozen item is still cold during transport, a prize horse is still in its stable, or that a propane tank is still full, GeoTraq uses trigger-based events to alert you only when conditions are met that require attention.

GeoTraq Mobile IoT modules are designed with an event-driven architecture that uses data from sensors to wake up the module to transmit an alert if detection, consumption, or reaction occurs, as well as other trigger-based events.

Our modules implement a proprietary software to enhance the capabilities of Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) to minimize power consumption and ensure maximum efficiency. This software is designed specifically for transmitting scheduled reports and trigger-based events to provide Simple IoT solutions for complex business challenges.

IoT devices can achieve a 10+ year battery life while transmitting data with our modules that remain in a deep sleep state 99% of the time. The modules only wake up for status reports based on a schedule, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or even multiple times throughout the day.

Sensor integration enables transmission of data such as temperature readings, axis displacement, moisture readings, weight/volume readings, and more. Through programmable trigger-based events, modules can be awakened from Deep Sleep Mode to send data that can be acted upon or processed accordingly. These trigger points are based on conditions, patterns or readings from sensors, intelligently designed to send you only the data you want, at the precise moment you need to act on it.

An excellent example of how trigger-based events can be of great benefit is for water control. Currently, if a water pipe is leaking, it takes a water main break or outage to bring the issue to the attention of private and public water companies. With trigger-based events and Mobile IoT technology, flow sensors can identify problems immediately, while providing a record of the location, along with the time and date of when the inconsistency occurred.

Spoilage can be prevented for items that require temperatures below freezing along the supply chain by receiving alerts if the temperature reaches a degree that could cause damage to the cold chain shipment. IoT does not have to be complicated, and it does not take constant monitoring to achieve the desired results. GeoTraq provides trigger-based events as a practical solution for accessing the right data at the right time.

There is an endless number of applications for trigger-based events that can benefit businesses. To learn more about how a GeoTraq Mobile IoT solution can help improve your bottom line contact us today.


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